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Équilibre à domicile

Mission statement

To improve the quality of life and well-being of seniors

and people in need of care at home on a daily basis.


To support them during each life transition

and enable them to better adapt to their new reality.


Respect, listening and dignity are at the heart of every interaction we have

with our clients and their families.

A dedicated team

Our graduate staff is carefully selected to provide you with the best possible service.

Flexible schedule

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A fixed schedule is usually established at the beginning of the contract but can be quickly adjusted in case of an emergency.

Follow-up collaboration

We work closely with your medical team to provide efficient aftercare that adapts to all the specifics of your physical, emotional, psychological and environmental reality.

Some health issues may require special care in the short or long term.


We can help you navigate the health care system so you can access a wide range of professional care services from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some examples of special care services we can provide:

.  Blood pressure (complete vital signs monitoring);
.  Capillary blood sugar and insulin administration (as prescribed);
.  Catheter care and ostomy management;
.  Dressing changes and wound care;
.  Medication management;
.  Various injections, as prescribed;

Do you have a special medical condition?

Contact us so we can assess together what we can do for you!

Personal hygiene is often one of the first problems encountered in maintaining independence at home.


Physical and cognitive limitations can quickly make simple tasks of daily living difficult.


Our team gently and respectfully assists with these various tasks while strengthening the client’s independent living skills. Grooming, full bathing, partial toileting, assistance with dressing and oral hygiene are examples of tasks we can assist you with.

We will do everything we can to support the patient and family during this important transition by providing quiet and reflective moments.


The patient’s comfort and well-being are at the heart of everything we do and we work with respect for their dignity, beliefs and wishes.


We firmly believe that these moments can be imbued with love, beauty and light, and it will be our honor to accompany you on this journey.

We can supervise, encourage and physically assist the patient to ensure optimal feeding according to his condition.


If necessary, we can also notify involved individuals if there is a significant change in the patient’s ability or desire to eat to limit the risk of complications.


If necessary, we are happy to refer the patient to trusted partners in the field of balanced, safe and, above all, tasty meal preparation.

Regardless of our age, surgery can involve a transitional period during which our autonomy may be severely compromised.


Our team can help you regain your independence, regardless of your needs (dressing changes, hygiene, nutrition, transportation or rehabilitation exercises).


All of this is done in close collaboration with your medical team.

This service is specifically designed for caregivers. The responsibilities and workload associated with caring for a person who is losing autonomy can be enormous, and resources are scarce. That’s why we offer a service to provide companionship and respite.


Do you have an important appointment or just want a well-deserved moment to yourself? We can provide for the safety and well-being of your loved one while you are away.


You can also use our services to help you with more complex tasks or those that are less comfortable (physically or emotionally) in your daily life.

A structured schedule, a safe living environment, adapted equipment… there are so many things that can make your daily life easier if the right elements are taken into account.


Ask for our consulting service to benefit from our expertise and advice on how to improve your living environment and your daily life.

Do you have an important appointment or need to run errands and your condition does not allow you to drive yourself?


We can assist you with your transportation needs!


Our staff will take care of driving you and helping you with your moves so you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

We also offer the rental of various assistive devices, such as:


-Support handle for exterior doors;
-Multi gravity bed;

-Multi-level adapted armchair (for easy transfers);


Contact us for equipment availability and associated costs.

Our fee

Our fee will be determined at the beginning of the contract based on your care assessment and the hours of work required from our team.

We will also assist you with your initiatives with the CLSC to take advantage of tax rebates and/or subsidies for our services (depending on your situation).